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What Does Error Bad Argument Type Stringp Nil Mean

like lines, circles, polylines, text, mtext, etc? Version 9.1.2 released - 2/16/2011 Fixed Error when running in AutoCAD 2007 or 2008. Reply 0 Kudos rhirtleii Contributor 17 Posts 1 Solution

Post 3 of 17 Share Report Re: error: bad argument type: stringp nil Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to Fixed issue with "AeccWaterShed.dll not loaded" message when using the Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite versions of AutoCAD 2013 or AutoCAD MAP 3D 2013.

If it functions correctly, the problem should be solved. Reply 0 Kudos dmfrazier Advisor 3008 Posts 234 Kudos 111 Solutions

Post 16 of 17 Share Report Re: error: bad argument type: stringp nil Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe reactor_upd) ) )) View 3 Replies View Related AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Display Height Of 3D Object To 3 DPS Jun 14, 2013 I have this lisp which will textsize increase reset decrease Jump To: Programs General Novelty Mathematical Subfunctions Utilities Terms of Use Tutorials LISP Visual LISP IDE DCL Forums References Contact About Why Donate?

Please see the Lock/Unlock Layers section of our Land F/X Blocks and CAD Layersdocumentation page. Version 11.0.0 released - 3/26/2013 Released to Autodesk Exchange Apps store. I think it is in the last if. (defun C:girth ( / dcl_id gr_ded) (setq NAMES '("0.032 in" "0.050 in" "0.080 in" "1/8 in" "1/4 in" "16 GA" "18 GA" "20 Fixed "Change Path" button's "Error: no function definition BKCATLST" in Block and Detail Manager.

Updated cuix and cui menus. Added full support for the Layer Database to PConnect. Use the Lost password recovery form if you ever forget either your password or username. button to PConnect Description Key Style Manager so a layer can be selected from the current drawing.

quit / exit abort Either the (exit) or (quit) AutoLISP functions have been evaluated. Would return an error Cannot find definition for dialog program_options. Command previously place unwanted MTEXT string. http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?36825-Error-bad-argument-type-stringp-nil Once known, look at your routine that sets the CAD_LIBRARY variable and see why it is either being set as nil or not set at all.

These values are used by the Legal Description from Polyline and Legal Description Report commands. Fixed extension of new category file added when typing name in Block and Detail Category File Manager. Issue introduced in version 9.2.1. Fixed an issue when SmartDraft would not load and returned the error: Loading SmartDraft reactors; error: bad argument type: consp # Fixed an issue with the SmartDraft help file

In this case, the drawing will still appear with 2D symbols instead of color symbols, but will be in Color Render mode and potentially cause this error. https://www.landfx.com/kb/admin-issues/errors/item/2992-bad-argument-stringp.html View 4 Replies View Related AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Polyline Deflection TYPE Angle Table Jul 19, 2013 The attached image shows a table that I created as a AEC Corrected various spelling and grammar errors in this help file and the PDF manual. Template will be used along with template suffix codes.

Added new icon files to better handle dark and light themes. So I made it a (fixed) component but it still does not open the desired path. Version 11.1.3 released - 10/21/2013 Fixed an issue with PConnect. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Added an Export option to the PConnect Description Key Style Manager command to save the Description Key Style as a comma delimited file to help in the process of creating a Added number of converted items prompt to the Convert 3D to 2D Polyline, Convert Spline to Polyline, and Convert Survey Figure to 2D Polyline commands. Version 10.0.31 released - 1/14/2013 Modified the calculation in PConnect when using the best fit curve (BC) suffix code. When a User created Customization Template did not have the default.dsy file, an "Error: bad argument type: consp nil" would appear.

Version 8.4.7 - 8.5.8 released (First version to support Civil 3D 2010) - 5/2009 Added cuix menu file for 2010 versions of AutoCAD products. Version 9.5.32 released - 4/16/2012 Fixed an issue with loading in AutoCAD 2012: Error: SM:Ck_4_C3D not found. Version 12.1.15 released - 2/15/2015 Added command Point Block Extract and alias PTBE to extract the block from a Civil 3D point object's Point Style.

Fixed "Specify insertion point:" or "Specify rotation angle:" prompts for Block and Detail Manager.

Browse other questions tagged arguments autocad-plugin autolisp or ask your own question. When the .TN suffix code was used without a previous point, the command would stop processing with a error. Version 9.4.4 released - 10/14/2011 Major enhancements to PConnect. Your next step should be toturn Color Render offfor now.

See Program Options and User Options. I tried to get its bounding box but the coordinates that come back don't seem to relate at all to the object. Added code to speed up the Drawing Setup command in Civil 3D when not changing from Feet to Meters. When I try to run any of them, I get "error: bad argument type: stringp nil" right at the start.It doesn't matter which routines I try to run, I get the

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Post 14 of 17 Share Report Re: error: bad Solved! You will need to register in order to post a question and to see all the content on this board.

Version 15.2.4 released - 12/11/2015 Added direction arrows along polyline in the Polyline Reverse Direction command. Added new text style options to Text Styles in the Drawing Setup command and Text Styles in the New Drawing Settings options in the Customization Template Manager command. Can be generated by passing any of the c..r functions, foreach, member, nth, or vl-sort-i functions an invalid list argument. Added command to open the Customization Template Folder.

At time the SmartDraft help would appear blank / no information on the right side of the dialog. View 5 Replies View Related AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Moving Object From Layout To Another Programmatically Dec 14, 2011 how to do this programmatically and without modifying the handle of Fixed the "Error: no function definition: UPDARCD" error in the Update Labels command. Add (vl-load-com) to your acaddoc.lsp or to the code you are trying to run, outside of any function definition.

Added command Erase Polylines and alias EPL. Now you have to select nested from the list of options. But here is the   (Defun C:BURST (/ item bitset bump att-text lastent burst-one burst BCNT BLAYER BCOLOR ELAST BLTYPE ETYPE PSFLAG ENAME ) ;----------------------------------------------------- ; Item from association list ;----------------------------------------------------- Version 12.0.0 released - 3/27/2014 Released to Autodesk Exchange Apps store.

Ask the community. You can do that any number of ways. Version 11.0.4 released - 5/15/2013 Added an option to disable the SmartDraft right-click tools.