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What Does Sphinx Error Mean

Defaults to None for no remote search. New in version 1.0. Do you use such tools? Sphinx numbers like x.x.1, x.x.2, x.x.3..., and so on. check over here

New in version 0.6. via .. image::) are copied automatically. Also, howtos will have a simpler title page. If empty, the default will be used.

Search Search error: fullscan requires extern docinfo. Why are only passwords hashed? In fact in your example, it would be 'double' applied, once by you, once by sphinx, turning it into MATCH('"upper_upper_hi manufacturing"') which is why it doesnt match. For most users, the numeric attributes are kept in a separate file externally to the document data.

It is used to determine the file name as well as the name of the manual page (in the NAME section). Relative paths are taken as relative to the configuration directory. New in version 0.6. html_sidebars¶ Custom sidebar templates, must be a dictionary that maps document names to template names.

text_newlines¶ Determines which end-of-line character(s) are used in text output. 'unix': use Unix-style line endings (\n) 'windows': use Windows-style line endings (\r\n) 'native': use the line This is for compatibility with Sphinx versions before 1.0. Default is to use 'Fig. %s' for 'figure', 'Table %s' for 'table' and 'Listing %s' for 'code-block'. Examples: epub_cover = ('_static/cover.png', 'epub-cover.html') epub_cover = ('_static/cover.png', '') epub_cover = () The default value is ().

A mixed case 'Hi' sort of works, because the regex filter does NOT fire. Options for 'mecab': dic_enc:dic_enc option is the encoding for the MeCab algorithm. If you don't like this behavior, use ‘H' which will disable floating and position figures strictly in the order they appear in the source. With this option set to False, it is markup/code.

See the documentation on Internationalization for details. http://sphinxsearch.com/forum/view.html?id=3372 Defaults to a list based on the value of the environment variable OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS, which is set by Xcode for script build phases, or the empty list if that variable is Also, what do you mean by "I installed sphinx and also build sphinx"? The example one looks quite like mine.

It should be chosen from part, chapter or section. Deprecated since version 0.5: Use the 'papersize' key in the latex_elements value. Regardless of this setting, warnings are always written to the standard error stream when sphinx-build is run. html_search_options¶ A dictionary with options for the search language support, empty by default.

This is a sequence of tuples containing the type, the uri and the title of the optional guide information. Though keeping the escaped slash in the other or-operands didn't cause any noticable troubles. highlight_options¶ A dictionary of options that modify how the lexer specified by highlight_language generates highlighted source code. This is a tuple containing the filenames of the cover image and the html template.

The default value is 'unknown'. If I do it like this $cl->SetFilter( "mycond", array( 1 ) ); I'll get the error "no such filter attribute 'mycond'". latex_paper_size¶ The output paper size ('letter' or 'a4').

regex sphinx share|improve this question asked Feb 21 '11 at 15:16 Raffael 9,933752111 Are you actually searching for regex strings, or are you trying to search by them? –servermanfail

in the HTML templates. up vote 0 down vote If you want to match (HI|Hi|hi) then you can either explicitly define each, or better yet add a flag to trigger case-insensitive matching: (?i) regexp_filter = The rendered html cover page is inserted as the first item in the spine in content.opf. According to Apple’s documentation, this should be a 16-by-16 pixel version of the application’s icon with a transparent background, saved as a PNG file.

To find out the index name for a specific index, look at the HTML file name. This can be set to 'py:obj' to make `filter` a cross-reference to the Python function "filter". Support is present for these languages: da - Danish nl - Dutch en - English fi - Finnish fr - French de - German ".html".

If you use the project homepage, 'URL' seems reasonable. In the index configuration it states docinfo = inline - change this to docinfo = extern, rebuild your indexes with indexer and try again. > Do you know what does it epub_theme¶ The HTML theme for the epub output. It is used for: Add uid line for each msgids in .pot files.

Deprecated since version 1.0: Use latex_domain_indices. For e.g. Changed in version 1.4: Format specification was changed from strftime to Locale Data Markup Language. You can place a copy of your Help Book’s Resources folder at this location and Help Viewer will attempt to use it to fetch updated content.

Warning You must set this value in order to generate Apple Help. today¶ today_fmt¶ These values determine how to format the current date, used as the replacement for |today|. The default value is ''. applehelp_disable_external_tools¶ If True, the builder will not run the indexer or the code signing tool, no matter what other settings are specified.

New in version 1.2. ADD COMMENT • link modified 21 months ago • written 21 months ago by mathieu.dubois • 120 0 21 months ago by nabinkoirala20 • 0 nabinkoirala20 • 0 wrote: Hi Mathieu For published documents this is the ISBN number, but you can also use an alternative scheme, e.g. Defaults to None for no remote content.

New in version 0.5: Previously, Sphinx accepted only UTF-8 encoded sources. more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Files with a suffix that is not in the dictionary will be parsed with the default reStructuredText parser. html_use_smartypants¶ If true, SmartyPants will be used to convert quotes and dashes to typographically correct entities.

Hot Network Questions Why does typography ruin the user experience? I ask the question because we often face the situation in which production software needs a given version of a software and development needs another version or that developers need to New in version 0.4: The image file will be copied to the _static directory of the output HTML, but only if the file does not already exist there. The default is False, the pre-0.5 behavior was to always keep them.